API fu…cc…

can one tell us the fix for this, i can’t wait for yet ANOTHER version that will break all i did…

i need to use this api and it returns a 404 message



never mind, doing your job i found in Tygh/Api.php that you have _d in there instead of q=

might want to update your wiki…

for main pair… just trying to upload 1 picture of main product… and that aint working…

got an example ?


'product' => $product,

'full_description' => $description,






'main_pair'=> array('http_image_path' => 'http://someurl/images.jpg'),



detailed what is that ? says explained below but surely ain't

or do i need

'main_pair'=> array('detailed' => array('http_image_path' => 'http://someurl/images.jpg')),

detailed Full image data — array (content explained below)

never mind again, seems the second option worked… now i just don't know if we need to pull anything before adding secondary images ? or can we do in one swipe ? like can i add additional images without passing anything else then the image path ?

guess not, anyideas ?