Http 503, Access Denied - Paypal Payment

I made a change on my paypal payment setting in the admin. Nothing major just some text and uploaded a new paypal icon. All seem fine but just as I was about to leave the site I tested it one more time and as I click to “submit order” I got a a 503. This wasn’t at paypal it was my own error page.

Don’t know what happened, checked the server logs, even tried from a different IP address but still 503. So as I assume everyone would see it I thought the best thing to do was setup a new paypal payment method and disable the old one. That worked but I’m still wondering why I got the error, anyone any ideas ?

sorry to reply to my own post but I have more info.

When I was editing the text before I forgot I also added another payment option and then tested and disabled that. I think this was the trigger for the 503 error. The reason I think that is because I just setup another payment option and created the same error. And the only way around it was to recreate Paypal payments for the 3rd time.

Could this be a folder permissions problem I wonder?