HTTP 500 Internal Server Error While Migrating


There is an Cs-Cart installation on

I will make migration this installation to my server.

(Cs-Cart Support lets me for migration)

I installed new Cs-Cart on [url=“”][/url]

Downloaded sql from Cs-Cart admin panel in

Copied all files to

And it gave an error called HTTP 500 Internal Server

I typed and installed again after the error.

I installed again and imported database connecting mysql with ssh.

mysql -u username -p

use database mydb;

source mydb.sql

After that, site ( worked fully.

When i cleared the cache typing admin.php?cc, HTTP 500 Internal Error appeared again.

(permission of directories under cscart is 755 and files 644)

What am i missing ? Do you know how to solve this problem ?

Searched forum and still searching from Google.

Check the values in the root of the store in .htaccess and config.local.php

I changed my host panel from Kloxo to Cpanel. No error for now. Thanks for the answer.