html2pdf does not support UTF-8

how can I make it support UTF-8

i have already contact cs-cart support but they can not do any think because it is Third part

which addons you use ?

[quote name=‘creativeuser’]which addons you use ?[/QUOTE]

i didn’t use addons

I need advice how to solve this issue

[quote name=‘brokensword’]I need advice how to solve this issue[/quote]

html2pdf is a third-party, included library, and correct, I don’t think it does support full UTF8, there is not really much you can do about this, as it just simply doesn’t support it, and I don’t think there’s a newer version of html2pdf that does.

why is it you need utf8 support? a language requirement perhaps?


I use the Arabic language in my shop

Is there another free html2pdf can I use