HTML in pages

I am just setting up my site and copied my HTML formatted content into the description box but when I saved the page my tags where converted into HTML character codes and new HTML paragraph tags were added around the content. There are no visible editor buttons so I am not sure how I am supposed to add my nicely formatted HTML.

Your cart version is multi-vendor 3.x?


Make sure you don't copy the html directly into the description box. ( I think this is what you may be doing) Need to open html. There should be a button. Put code into that box. Also, I find that some editors work better than others.

In admin>settings>appearance you select Default wysiwyg editor. (version 2.2.4 pro). May be in different location in other versions.


Thanks pbannette,

I can't see any WYSIWYG boxes despite having Redactor selected. I've turned it off.


You should specify which version of cs-cart you are using when you do posts. There are several version and they are all different.

I checked in cs-cart labs version 4.0 and for redactor wysiwyg, there is a toggle button. This toggles the description between non-html and html. Try this and see what happens.