Html in Language variable

I wanted to make a quick change to the Buy together tab to make it stand out. so I thought make it red text. I see that some Language variable have html code in them. so i thought I might be able to do it here. Has not worked for me. How might i make just this one tab have red text?

This site is in version 2.1.1



Can't believe I stumped everyone here. Or is it that the answer is that easy and I'm just missing it.



No stumping here. :P More than likely either the template or css code is over riding the language code.

Yea, I'm not sure what is happening yet. If I change the language variable from “Buy Together” to “Buy Together”. It shows the html also. Guess it's time to go digging in to the templates, anyone know which ones I should start at for the tabs?


David Dewitt

I do not use “Buy together” so I couldn't say exactly. Use a combination of Demo mode and Firebug and you should be able to figure it out.