HTML editor / WYSIWYG not working


Since upgrading to 2.1.1 we no longer have the HTML editor working (i.e. in product descriptions, content items, etc…).

When clicking “Edit in visual HTML editor” we only see “FormatFont familyFontSize” where the usual tinyMCE editor buttons are. And clicking on these items brings up misformated junk.

Any ideas?

try deleting everything in /var/cache/

Thanks for the suggestion but it did not work. Also tried clearing browser cache, tried ie8 as well as chrome, and also cleared the var/compiled folder. Still cannot get html editor to work… the resize control is not working or visible either (where you can make the textbox/window bigger).

sounds like you might be missing files from your upgrade.

I have the same problem… chmod the tinymce folder in /lib to 777