.htacces & 301 redirect question

I’m having to move an existing site that places in very high in organic search. I don’t want to have to manually write redirects for each page, there’s just too many for it to be practical.

The link structures are different now as well so as far as I know, its best to have a redirect for each page.

Does anyone know a way to automate this process, or is there another method I should go about.


Nothing out of the box I’m aware of for the same URL. There may be some htaccess wizards that can catch the 404’s and figure out where to redirect. Is there a structure to the old naming convention that can be used to derive the new name?

I had considered writing an addon that would support an SEO history so that prior SEO names (or names from another site) would resolve to current categories/products/pages… But it would have to be done as a mapping which for a large site would become very tedious to setup.