How until I have download and help desk access?

I placed my order a day ago. I received my order completed email with order numbers and comfirmation… At the bottom of the email it states to log into the helpdesk… I never got log in credentials… ?? How long does it usually take to get access to download the software…

You should have created a user name and password for the help desk. If you did, log in with them.

During the checkout process it ask for email address but never password… How do I know the password… I tried the forgot password using the email I registered with and nothing… I’ved email cs cart support and nothing now in 4 days… Starting to get worried I made a bad decission… 4 Days to get any support… Especially after just handing over $285… Please help me out… Thank You…

Hi, try to log in with your forum log in details.

Also did you try to use the ‘Forgot password?’ link under the log in fields?

Did you go here:


and request your password?

Who is your email provider? your hosted? or is it like gmail/yahoo/ etc?

Can you please PM me the email address you used when you purchased it?

Just wanted to say thank you to our site Admin’s and CS-CART Support… I guess there was an issue with either them sending automated emails or me receiving them. Either way I was off to a bumpy start and hopefully smooth sailing now… Thanks again for everyones help…