How to work around insufficient template hooks?


I’m trying to add microdata markup ( to my site. I’m doing this via an add-on of my own that uses “.pre.tpl" and ".post.tpl” templates.

The problem is that there aren’t enough hooks in the appropriate places to do this in a satisfactory manner.

I realise that I can add my own hooks to a skin. However, if the skin is changed, all those custom hooks will have to be re-added to the new skin or the corresponding .pre/.post templates won’t be included. Also, if the HTML I wish to markup was generated via an addon’s .tpl, then that would involve modifying the addon (rather than the skin).

Of course, all this would quickly degenerate into a customised maintenance nightmare, instead of having one simple addon that can be easily enabled or disabled. I’m trying to figure out a solution that would minimise this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :-)

  • Smich