How To View A New Layout Page


I am building a community based shopping portal.

The top page will have banners of the communities. I implemented it the "Homepage" layout.

But I need to now create a top page for each community.

Each community will have grid of banners unique to that community. Only the banners. I created new layout pages for each community. But I am not sure of the following:

- What should be the dispatch?

- How to view a layout page?

- What will be the ULR of the newly designed layout page?

Could someone help?


layout page.png

For example, you can use CMS pages as community page. In this case use pages.view dispatch and on the Pages tab of the layout page specify necessary pages

Thanks. But I did not understand the following comment.

"and on the Pages tab of the layout page specify necessary pages"

Do I have to create a CMS page under

Website > Pages


a Layout page under

Design > Layouts > Add layout page

and then somehow link them? How to Link them?

Or, do you mean something else?


There is default layout page for CMS pages

But you can also create additional layout for specific set of pages