How To Use The Pricing Information In The Packing Slip


I have created a custom packing slip for my CsCart website, but I'm encountering a problem with the price information of the productlines in the order. I want to show some additional information based on the price, but it only partly works.

Below is a line of code from my packing list. What it does, is add some text to each line based on the fact if it is a discounted product or not (because we need to take it from a different section of the warehouse). The code checks the difference between the original price and the base price to see if some discounts have been applied and adds a text accordingly. The first part with the options works (we use the options to offer discounted versions of our products if they have damage). The second part without the options does not work, however because the original_price and base_price are the same if not using options. I've also tried using the price property (it's also the same) and list_price (it's empty).

What I want, is to be able to check the original price (the one you enter in the 'Normal Price' field when editing a product) and compare it to the actual price the customer will pay for it. Is there another price property I'm overlooking or is this original price never saved if you don't use options?

{{ product.product }}
{% if product.original_price < product.base_price %}
{% if product.product_options %}
(BESCHADIGD -{{100 - product.original_price / (product.base_price / 100)}}%)
{% else %}
{% endif %}

{% endif %}