How to use script as a catalog only

Hi, Thanks for a cool script.

Is there a setting to remove the add to cart link and just be a catalog only. I’d like to promote products but send the user to the actual site selling it, becuase i’m unable to hold real inventory. Like an affiliate.


than mate what is the way of purchasing cscart ?

I originally bought the script because I was going to do a shopping site, but found that I do better as an affiliate with a catalog of product and link them to the actual purchasing site.

I was looking at other scripts but just wanted to see if this script had that capability.

Modify the checkout controller to go to a URL other than dispatch=checkout.add.

Then modify the checkout button to be “Buy Now” instead.

You’ll have to figure out how/where to keep the url for each product since I’m assuming they will be different URL’s.