How To Use "paypal Adaptive" With "paypal For Marketplaces" Addons


Is there any way to use "PayPal Adaptive" with "PayPal for Marketplaces"? In the vendor's admin panel, there is a button for the vendor to connect PayPal in order to receive their funds, however, that option is only available if "PayPal Adaptive" is enabled. However, I tried installing PayPal Adaptive but it is not compatible with the "PayPal for Marketplaces" add-on. Do the vendors still receive their funds even if the "PayPal Adaptive" add-on is not installed, just by using the same email as the one they used to become a vendor? A few months ago, I tried disabling the "PayPal for Marketplaces" add on and I tried enabling the "PayPal Adaptive" add-on, however, it started causing problems to the PayPal payment method.

Thank You for your help!