How to use multi currencies w/ Authorize?

Im trying to figure out how to use multiple currencies with Cs-cart and I just contacted Authorize and they said all my transactions must be submitted in USD. I’d really like to have the option for my customers to select their currency.

Is there some kind of work around that would show the customer their calculated exchange rate, but when they charge their credit card the amount is calculated in USD and submitted to Authorize for payment?

Thank you.

I use another processor payment in Europe (Poland). They have multicurrency but it is nonsense to have this set in payment method → config because at the end everything will be charged in local currency anyway. I have auto currency exchange mod installed in my shop, which I purchased from one of member here.


CSC Team built my payment processor mod the way you probably want to have. It When client choose their currency in the shop (USD, EUR, GBP, PLN) this is sent to gateway processor, then over there everything is changed to PLN (Polish Zloty) with message to customer about exchange rate. See link below I generated as an example.


When PLN is chosen in the shop, then page has no such message, because it has been chosen gateway processor default currency. It will show exactly the same amount as in the shop.

What you probably want is to have the same, but with USD at the end. If this is default currency then you should set up the way I did.:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I could help in some way.