How to use Hot Deal Appearance type to display all products in the same category?

I just want to list all same category’s products on product. view pages with Hot Deal Appreance . How to do that?

I think a filling type need added, But how ?

please help


currently, there are 7 different filling.


-----Recently viewed



------also bought

------Best Seller


Where can i add more filling options?

Please help me


A “filling” is really a template. You can safely add your own in


It will then show up in the list. But note that if you want to actually “feed” it different data that you will need to have a custom controller to set the appropriate template variables.

There are also some valueable information in the structure of

/schemas/block_manager/ files but haven’t yet succeded to fill a template with the products of a specific category.

thanks guys, i will look at it .