how to use a new skin on a site

what i need to know is is it easy to customize the package skin at this time im in the process of getting upgraded to the 2.0.11 and once that is done and i get to the point of having to change domains due to restart of the business and all

is it hard to put a new skin on the server and all if its simple i would need steps to take to accomplish this task

thank you for any advice in this matter

hi lawnmowertech

It is the same thing I am trying to understand.

I am testing new version 2.0.11

Maybe this can help you to learn before me:


Specially this one:


When you learn… please, send us how to do it step by step.

I think there is something with “basic skin” directory, too.



I used a skin in version 2.0.5 and now i don’t know how to migrate this skin to this new version. This skin I did, I copied its directory from skin diretory and upload in the new version skins directory with a NEWNAME. This new name is not in the list in Admnistration Panel (design).

I don’t understand how to make admin KNOWs that I up a new skin in the server.

Well, I will continuous to study. If I find something I will post here.

Happy new year!

take a look in this thread:


I think it will help you.

At least, I think it will help me.

Exactly the same skin I want to integrate in the new version.