How To Upgrade Cs-Cart In Localhost

I'm very disappointed (and I am not the only one) by the cs-cart upgrade, if you are a user of a shared webhosting, you can’t update cs-cart.

My servers is:

Physical RAM: 2GB

Virtual RAM: 4GB

CPU: 4Ghz

IO**: 4MB / 1024 IOPS

memory_limit: 128MB

On this server the shop for now works very good, and on the 2 shops at the traffic that has now, and sells we don't need a better web hosting.

Of course in time this will change.

But then why we pay yearly for upgrades if we can benefit form them ?

(on that SHARED WEB HOSTING configuration cs-cart is the only script that can't be upgraded)

In a shared web hosting you can’t ask the providers to change all the server settings just for you.
In the past I upgraded cs-cart with no problems, now I can’t do this anymore.
If cs-cart team can’t provide a fast fix for this problem, at least make a full tutorial on how to move it to local host and update it there.
Please help us with resolving this problem, if not cs-cart, than the other willing people.
Thank you.

i also face this problem . day by day we trying to solve this problem but still cannot solve .

Yes i understand you, but they ignore us because otherwise it would mean to acknowledge that the problem exists.


Today i sucessfully updated store on localhost (xampp on windows 10), if you have questions about this proccess let me know, i can help you.

Hi, I am also trying to upgrade on my local PC and can't seem to get the:

  • Hostname—hostname of your FTP server
  • Username—FTP username
  • Password—FTP password
  • Directory—the directory on the FTP server where CS-Cart is located

correct as it keeps asking to set permissions:

Permissions issue

These files require write permissions set (manually or automatically via FTP)

I am using Windows 10 and Xampp. The address is localhost and the folder is cpcomau (i.e. C:/xampp/htdocs/cpcomau/). The database uses root without a password.

Any suggestions on how to fix this...thanks

I think all you need is to get your hosting to allow you to have a memory_limit setting of 256M temporarily for the upgrade. You could set it back afterward. However, most import/export type operations are performed in memory so if you use Google feeds or do other import/export operations you may find that 128M is simply not enough to operate cs-cart in all modes.

This is on my local PC with xampp and I have already set the mem limit as well as other constraints to 1024mb