How To Upgrade And Move Back To Main Domain ?

Ok, this is hopefully a simple one, but I just can't figure it out right now,

I am soon upgrading from v2.2.5 to v4.3.6 and read the instructions:

  1. Install CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor 4.x.x in a subfolder of your old store.
  2. Import the data from your old store to the new one with the Store Import add-on.
  3. Configure your new store (CSS styles, layouts, blocks, settings, etc.). In the meantime, your old store can continue working as usual.
  4. Import the data that was accumulated in your old store while you were customizing your new store.

Ok, so my questions:

  1. After I have installed my v4.3.6 and imported all info to my subdomain shop: -
    How do I move it back to where it should be ? (
    As my old store remains active on, this is where I want my new upgraded site will continue to run...

Probably easy, but I need a push in the right direction at the moment...

Thanks for any input you can give...

when your ready and happy that your new site is running fine in subfolder then you can import all your customers and orders etc from your old store to the new version to make it current..

then what I do, is;

Move old site to its own new directory so you still have it in case anything goes wrong for a few weeks.

say...../oldv2 (remember to change .htaccess of this site from rewritebase "/"to be rewritebase "/oldv2"

and add it in storefront url in admin (new store)

This way you still have a working copy of the old site by visiting

then copy all new files from new store to root and change .htaccess to rewritebase"/"

and your new site ready to go.

close the old site in admin and also add / disallow : oldv2 in robots.txt so it isnt crawled.


Many thanks Johnbol1.

Just what I needed! Again, many thanks!

Make sure to back everything up if your doing it live so you can replace as soon as if things dont go to plan.

If your in any doubt there are many people here who will do it for you for a small fee

Excellent. Thanks.
In the process right now.