How to update CS-Cart V.3x

I was going to update v.3.0.1 to v.3.0.2 but I do not have a link to the Update Center in my admin.

I performed a clean install of v.3.0.1 and there were no issues.

How come I do not have a link to the Update Center? How can I fix?

CS-Cart release the updates over the period of a week so as not to update everyone at once, thereby spreading the load on their servers and their capacity to handle any problems that may result. You cannot control who gets the updates first but you can install a fresh 3.0.2. I believe the reason is that if you have any problems with a fresh install you would not require the urgent assistance that someone with a live store would require if the upgrade failed (and if there was a major problem they could limit the consequences).

Also in settings → general there is the option “check for updates automatically”.

You should definitely have a menu link to the upgrade center under your Administration menu. I do.

I don't have the upgrade available yet but assume it will be there in the coming days.

I also expect that it could take longer based on the issues I've seen here on the forum. Cs-cart is infamous for having multiple versions of the same release number as they find/fix issues that are critical.

If you don't have the upgrade center link, I would contact the helpdesk and figure out why. If after a week you don't have the 3.0.2 upgrade, you should contact support then too. Just have some patience, your not having it is probably a good thing because you're being protected.

Thanks for the replies. I don't know what caused the issue. Since this is a new site, I just installed a fresh copy of v3.0.2 and the update center is now in the menus.



I have a weirdness that just happened with my upgrade to 3.02 also. (I'm not sure the upgrade actually completed as I do not have the new addon showing up that is supposed to be in this release, and I do still have the webmail addon showing up.)

When I ran the upgrade, it gave me a couple of screens to confirm, including giving me three file names that I had made changes to, then a long line of dots, and the word continue as a plain text link. Clicking that continue just dumped me at the store closed screen.

When I went back into the admin the upgrade notice was still there, so I went through the process again, same thing happened. The third time I clicked on Update Edition, and the upgrade notice went away, but I still see no changes to the store.

Is there a way to manually upgrade?

I performed a clean install, not an update. I have the shipping option, new add-ons and the webmail has been removed. However, I do not see the new payment options that are mentioned in the change log. No big deal to me but it's odd that they are in the change log but they are not an option in my list of payment processors.

I can't remember… If you have an add-on from a previous version is the update supposed to remove it or will it remain for backwards compatibility?

At any rate, it sounds like something went wrong with your update. I'd contact the CS-Cart help desk if I had any points remaining. At least send a bug report. I know they worked with me on a couple of bugs even after my support plan expired.

Good luck!