How To Update Central Content Text

We recently update to 2.2.4

Since we did this, I cannot figure out how to edit the text in the Central Content Block on our main page. As I recall, this text used to be updated using one of the standard system setup or admin menu items.

Now I cannot find how to update this text …

Refer to the April 2012 block text … that is what needs updating … ?

Presume you found this as it now reads May 2012.

However, if you did mean May 2012, then I suspect the text is from a HTML block.

Design > Block > Home (tab)

Depending on the setup of your design, this block will either be in the Top or Central section.

Or it may be a banner, Website > Banners.

Baaa … I gave you the wrong link … that is our front end splash page which is not part of the store …

Here is the store link …


I had gone to both the areas you mentioned. The text is not contained in a banner. And when I go to block home page section I see this …

So it seems to me the text is part of the central content box … but from this page it seems all I can do is click EDIT in the central box which only lets me change the wrapper for this section.

Click the + sign at the side of WELCOME and edit away


That would be it! Thanks!