How To Update Addon Templates Without Uninstalling?

Currently if I update an addon template I upload it to




this seems redundant...

is there a more straight forward method of updating an active addon template without uninstalling it?

Addons are generally "built" for resale. Hence they are distributed with templates in the var/themes_repository directory. Those theme templates are then installed based on the underlying template (usually 'responsive'). If an addon is installed and you want to modify one of the theme templates, then use design/themes/[Your theme]/templates/addons/[Your addon]/..... After you get your changes set, tested and you're happy with them, copy that structure back to var/themes_repository/[Your theme]/templates/addons/[Your addon]/... so that if the addon is ever uninstalled and reinstalled that your changes will be applied.

Cs-cart recently added an option while in DEVELOPMENT mode to update language variables (called Refresh). I think some other functionality is also updated but I don't think it's re-installation of the theme templates. But I could be wrong. It would certainly be nice to be able to "reinstall" an addon leaving all the existing addon settings in place, but to basically re-install the addon having the prior "settings" be the new defaults..