how to translate" what is an event? " text in Add event page?


in the Events section and after click on "ADD NEW EVENT " in the Add-Event page

right side have a below text :

What is an event?

The event system allows you to make up online-events …

i can not find this text in “language” section or with "Translation mode " for translate and do change.

so if anybody know way to change that please let me know too



Most likely in Administration>Languages


Design > Blocks > Select Location > Edit the relevent block

Or it's hardcoded, which I doubt, but you never know.

dear stellar

thanks for answer but i say in the past post : i can not found that in language area

and about another way can you explain about that and how to found and edit the relevent block . my version is 3.0.5 and not have

select location tab or Events tab or another same that

anybody can help me ?

You're using v3.0.5 - this text doesn't exist in any of the template files, language files nor locations. I would therefore assume you have a custom skin, therefore the text could be in a number of different places. Try enabling Design Mode and viewing the page, it should tell you which file generates that content. It may well be that you have a custom Events location set up in Design>Blocks with HTML content. Just a guessing game without seeing anything.


many many thanks for want to help me

i go to design mode and then look at the that text area

exist a file : html_block.tpl

with only one line code

i add this name with import location and Add location > custom add but not can do anything about that

apologize me for not have experience

sincerely yours

have a nice day

Ok, great, it's using an HTML block, so this shall be easy.

Go to Design>Blocks. One of the tabs will relate to 'events' - it will most likely be of Type: Custom with events.add/search/update/access_key, as the dispatch value. You can find out which location is set for Events by clicking on the tab, and then clicking on the cog icon on the tab to get to that locations settings.

You'll find the HTML block on this location tab. Edit the block - it should be straightforward from there to edit the text.



Finally that problem is resolve know and all of proccess not possible if you do not help me.

that is work and be all of my reqest details about that problem

you are a great expert and i am glad for use your help descriptions

have a good and lucky days

Best regards

Farhad shahmohammadi