How to suppress similar muliple products for a supplier


I would like to know how to suppress multiple instances of the same product when listed under a supplier in the checkout and cart pages.

I am using suppliers in my cart (I am one of them) and there are shipping methods for each one.

When someone checkouts the cart and review pages show the suppler and the products for that suppler. This is a good function.

However, I can have someone purchase 20 of the same personalized product, each with different personalization. What happens is that the same product is listed 20 times under the appropriate supplier. I only want it to show once, not 20 times. This will probably just occur when I am the suppler.

Is there a relatively simple way to do this?



I’m in the same boat Bob. I just started looking at 2.1.2 and the MultiVendor to see if something would be possible. I’ve actually needed this since 1.3.x. I asked the question in the MultiVendor forum but the more I look at it, it is basically the same setup as 2.1.2.

My situation is that I have one supplier but the supplier has 7 different warehouses across the US. Ultimately I would like the product to show the 7 different locations in which the customer can choose the location nearest them. I have been messing with the options and product combinations and I have the format down but I cannot get the shipping correlation down. My situation is a little different than yours but the same idea.