How to stop Google showing Dmoz description in listings


I have upgraded my store recently to the latest version, but when i see my website in Google’s search results, the description is not what it should be, in fact the same text as I have under my DMOZ listing! It was not like this before I upgraded.

I have had a look at ‘View Page Source’ for my homepage, and the meta description is what it should be, however this text is not showing up in Google’s search results (DMOZ’s text is showing). The only thing I can think of is that I have my Page Title, meta description & keywords filled out under Blocks-All Pages, but it is empty for the seperate pages (Products, Categories, Hompage etc.). I don’t know if this should make a difference though.

I have added in between the tag in index.tpl somewhere, I hope this works, but may have to wait until Google crawls my site again.

This is so annoying, and I can’t understand why it has just happened since my update, can anyone help please?


Can you verify the noodp tag is showing up live now? If so, just wait until google refreshes their index. It's annoying - they've already crawled you most likely. If it's still stuck in a week throw some new text on the homepage and force them to reindex.

Hi Mizzer

Thanks for your reply. Yes, if I view page source, I can see

at the head of the page. Hope this works, and hopefully Google will crawl through my site soon.



My Dmoz description is still showing, one month after I noticed the problem. Can anyone help please? I have added in between the tag in index.tpl file in my /customer folder , is this the correct place to put it?

Many thanks