How to sort the sub category by name?

I set the POS for sub category, but i want the same POS # sub category to sort by name. Anyone know how to set up it? My site is:

i set the blackberry curve 8300 8310 8320 8330 to POS 5, but the 8320 always before the 8310, i have no idea what the defaual sort is? Please help, Thank you.

if you want them to appear in a specific order, don’t set them all to pos 5 set the pos# to be ordered based on how you want them to appear

i.e. 8300 = 1, 8310 = 2, 8320 = 3, etc…

I think if you set all the pos’s to 0 then they should sort in alphabetical/alphanumeric order.

shouldn’t matter if they are 0 or 5, if they are the same, then in theory, they should… however, it might default to sorting by category_id if the positions are the same…