How to show product due date

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One of the “options” next to the products that we added is “when do you need the product by” given that everything is custom made. So the customer picks when they need the product by and the vendor needs to be able to monitor when every order is due.

How do we create a column which shows the output on the vendor order page so they can manage the orders better. See screenshot - so having a separate column next to date which shows the “when do you need the product by” input i.e the due date.

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template is located here


you should also extend the fn_get_orders function (app/functions/fn.cart.php) to retrieve this value from the database for each order

Thank you - what do you meant by extending to retrieve the value?

The required data is not received from the database in this list. So you should extend the function to get extra data

Thank you again for your answers so far. I am a little stuck here though. How do I locate the code for the table in the manage.tpl file? And once located, where would I place the code for the new column, and what would the syntax be to extend the fn_get_orders function in order to display this custom field?

If you are not familiar with hooks and CS-Cart addons, we can create such a modification for you on the paid basis. Feel free to contact us