How To Show Main Product Thumbnail Not Combination's In Lists

By default first COMBINATION thumbnail is displayed If a product has any combination , not the PRODUCT'S MAIN thumbnail in lists.

How to make visible main product thumbnail in lists, not combinations'?



Hi, we have prepared a small add-on for you. It displays main product image instead of combination image on the category details page in the customer area. It is compatible with version 4.3.x.

Just upload it on the Manage add-ons page in the admin panel, clear the cache and check the results in the customer area.

Thank You, a small tweak:

"...Class 'Registry' not found in /app/addons/sd_show_main_product_image/func.php on line 19"

Please add

use Tygh\Registry;


if (!defined('BOOTSTRAP')) { die('Access denied'); }