How to show "in stock" products before the "out of stock"?

Whenever somebody goes to a category on my website it shows all the products including the ones that are sold out. I want the sold out items to be there but I want them to be shown after the in stock items. Right now everything is shown in alphabetical order.

Probably the only way to do this without a code modification is to create a Product Filter / Filter by: In Stock. Unfortunately, there is no way to force a filter to be active - the user will have to click on it.

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Another possibility is to add a new sorting method: [url][/url]

Sorting by In-Stock would push high-inventory items to the top of the results - which may not be desirable. CSC doesn’t support multiple-criteria sorting.


I made a filter but I don’t see the option to only see the In Stock items.

This are setting I used on the Blocks:

[QUOTE]Content: Product filters

Filling: filters

Appearance: blocks/product_filters_extended.tpl

Wrapper: blocks/wrappers/sidebox_general.tpl[/QUOTE]

Did you specify a Range in your Filter?:

Name: In Stock

From: 1

To: 99999

If you have a range and the filter still doesn’t appear in your Dynamic Filters block, try clearing the site cache (just append “&cc” to the URL of an admin page).


Is showing up now, thanks!