how to setup Australia Westpac bank in payment method ?

[color=#555555]i wish to setup Australia Westpac bank in payment method section,so that[/color]

[color=#555555]customer can make a payment through their Credit Card(MASTER/VISA/or…), then money goes to my [/color]

[color=#555555]Westpac bank account.[/color]


[color=#555555]need your help in a hurry.[/color]

[color=#555555]many thx[/color]

i am using CS 3.0.6 Ultimated

Ian, use eWay after getting a merchant account from Westpac.

This process takes a SHITLOAD of time due to the bank's requirements. (Just signed up via StGeorge/Bank of Melbourne last two weeks).

thx Jesselee,i was also wondering, is this the only way making payment by credit card at Australia wide ? how can use the default Credit card under payment methods?

If you mean actually charging the actual card, no - you can use a typical swipe terminal via “card not present” however you'll incur excessive fees because of this.

In terms of internet availability, there are no worthwhile banking API's that already integrate with CS-Cart with the exception of Westpac. The Westpac API will allow you to bypass eWay entirely however the support aspect will leave you high-n-dry.

Basically the flow is as followed;

CS-Cart → eWay → Your Bank Account.

If you wanted to use the bank's own API (dumb idea, got told not to by the bank directly) then you may do so, however the quality of service is remarkably less than eWay. Comes down to support on many levels, if you can't charge cards then eWay will investigate in realtime, with Westpac's API you have to get someone on the phone and wait 15 minutes before getting anywhere.