How To Setting Decimals Depends To Usergroup


i need to have different decimals for each user group,

for example i set in the admin to have 4 decimals and i replace this line

$value = fn_format_rate_value($price, $number_type, $currency['decimals_separator'], $currency['thousands_separator'], $currency['coefficient']);

with this

$value = fn_format_rate_value($price, $number_type, 2, $currency['decimals_separator'], $currency['thousands_separator'], $currency['coefficient']);

in the file app / functions / smarty_plugins / modifier.format_price.php

now i don't know how to figure this file so if a customer is set to default usergroup to see 2 decimal and if a customer is set to wholesale usergroup to see 4 decimals

Any help?

Thanks in advance


this feature can't be done easily so we are at your service.

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WSA team

Our team can also develop this feature for you. Feel free to contact us


How can I remove decimal visibility throughout? Like MRP : $1000.00 to MRP : $1000?

Try to set the Decimals currency setting to 0

Thanks for response.

This is already set to 0, but our theme is custmoized and not finding out where we are missing so that chanegs here are not taking place.

Thank you.

On Edit Currency Decimals already set to 0. But seems need to change it in price_database table. Can anyone assist on this?

Thank you,