How To Set Up Shipping Properties Correctly

Hi everyone,

We have just launched our CS MV website last week and having some problems with the shipping options.

Our products vary a lot in size so shipping can be anything from £3 - £25 within the UK or up to £80 if sending a bigger product to Europe.

Does anyone know an easy way to configure shipping methods on CS depending on the product and country? We used Wordpress in the past and it was very easy to do this on there but we are struggling with CS at the moment.

We also have a problem with the shipping prices multiplying, so for example we have a component which is £3.95 to send in the UK however when you add to cart a more than one of this components the shipping multiples by the quantity so 4 parts would be 4 x £3.95 when really we can combine postage so it should be £3.95 for all.
And this price does not change if the customer is from out side the UK where we would normally charge more.

Any help appreciated here, I am not sure if we need a better addon or to change setting within CS?


Yeah, if you add shipping in the shipping properties tab on the product details, it will charge that amount for every one you add to cart.

Its better to use location and Manual weight based shipping depending on what you are sending.