How To Set Up Custom Email Notification And Event After Form Submission

Hi, I just started using cs-cart recently and I am learning about cs-cart functions. What I want to do is when the user submit a specific form, an confirmation email should be sent to there email with some message. I've been following the tutorial on the cs-cart doc:

/** @var \Tygh\Template\Mail\Service $service */

$service = Tygh::$app['template.mail.service'];
'code' => 'new_notification',
'area' => 'C',
'status' => 'A',
'default_subject' => '{{ __("new_notification_subject") }}',
'default_template' => '{{ snippet("header") }}
Dear {{ customer_name }}!
{{ snippet("footer") }}',
'addon' => 'my_changes',
$mailer = Tygh::$app['mailer'];
'to' => '',
'from' => '',
/* indicating email template id. */
'template_code' => 'new_notification',
'company_id' => $company_id,
), 'A', $lang_code);
so far, the new notifications was added to the customer notification under Administration panel , which is great, but I don't know what to do next? Can someone guide me through the steps required or give me a hint on the direction I should start searching next? Very much appriciated and thanks in advance.