How to set Supplier Details in Email Template?

Hi all,

I try to show some basic details from the suppliers profiles in suppliers email

notifications. So the supplier can see his own name/email address in this email.

It’s more personal.

Maybe company “Dear Suppliername,” and for the product list “Product 1 (Supplier: Suppliername)”.

I guess it’s possible with a smarty code snippet/loop like {$} or whatever.

Unfortunately my tests was not successful.

Should you’ve anyone idea how I can place supplier text here so please

let me know. Thanks!

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P.S.: Our version is 2.0.15.

I’d be happy to know WHERE to even start modifying the emails that go to the suppliers. I don’t know where to find the templates.

[quote name=‘gpmichal’]I’d be happy to know WHERE to even start modifying the emails that go to the suppliers. I don’t know where to find the templates.[/QUOTE]

Check out all files here:


Just edit and test test test.

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Thanks. I was able to hide the shipping cost and add the shipping method to the Supplier notification email by going to skins>YOUR SKIN>mail>orders>supplier_invoice.tpl and changing:

{$lang.shipping_cost}: {include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$shipping_cost}


{$lang.shipping_cost}: {include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$shipping_cost}
{$lang.shipping_method}: {foreach from=$order_info.shipping item="shipping" name="f_shipp"}
{$shipping.shipping}{if !$smarty.foreach.f_shipp.last}, {/if}
{if $shipping.tracking_number}{assign var="tracking_number_exists" value="Y"}{/if}

Perhaps you were editing a template in the wrong directory? I noticed that the one you indicated was not the same as the one that worked for me.

By the way…all I did was go to invoice.tpl (the one the customer gets) in the same directory and copy the code that displays the shipping method information and paste it into the supplier_invoice.tpl between a couple of new tags.

I think that the FOREACH loop in this code will display ALL the shipping methods for the order, and could be confusing for the supplier, when an order has items from multiple suppliers.

I need to :

  1. Show the Shipping method for this supplier only on the Supplier email.

  2. Show the Shipping Method for each Ordered Item on the Customer Invoice

    This is so the customer knows which items will be delivered separately

  3. Show Expected Delivery Time for Each Shipping Method, so the customer can see when they will expect delivery of subsiquent items.

    The Problem I have is that once customer gets the first item in the mail, they notice that some items are not in the box.

    They then phone or email us upset that some items are missing. If the shipping methods were shown on the invoice, and the Delivery days , the customer could see on the invoice that the items are shipped separately.

    Has anyone “Joined the dots” on this issue? Id really love to get this short coming fixed.

    Help Apreciated !