How to sell clothes and shoes?

Hi all,

When a customer clicks on a product on the customer will get an overview of the product, including the possibility to choose the size of the product.

On Beta 2.01 when you click on a product, the product goes directly in your shoppingbasket, you do not even see it going in the basket. Is it possible to make an overview of the product as 1.35 where you must choose a size before you put it in the basket?



Are you trying to use the Beta as a live store?.

It’s too soon to be asking that type of question since it’s in the beta stage. If you feel that it is a bug then use the bug report and report it. However, I am not experiencing that type of problem in my test site if I understand you correctly.

Indeed, i am using the beta as a “live” shop. People can order but i tell them to buy at another url (version 1.35) Customers are giving me feedback also and that is great!

[quote name=‘duneraver’]Indeed, i am using the beta as a “live” shop.[/QUOTE]

that’s awesome…lol