How to search customer Wish Lists?

Our store has the Wish List Add-on activated, and customers are using it for our catalog of almost 1000 products.

Many items sell out, but we’re not sure which items/quantities to re-order because we can’t view/search the customer wish lists.

Is this a customized mod, or is there a setting change that will allow this?


If you are running version 2, you can add a specific product to the search and any carts or wishlists containing it will be returned in the search results. The results will contain only exact matches so if you specify two products in the search, only orders containing both items will be returned. There is a request in the Bug Tracker to allow searching for ANY instead of ALL products:


There is also a suggestion in the UserVoice system to provide better cart abandonment tools. This would include the ability to sort and filter carts and wishlists. You can vote for this item and leave your comments/suggetions at: