How to round order total


I use price decimals as a global setting, but I want order total to be rounded. Can anyone point me what and where to change to set this?


This is an example:


[quote name='KeyGenRus' timestamp='1331547264' post='132986']

This is an example:



sorry, but I dont understand… Im unable to use this example as I dont know where and didn find any place with same/similar string

Can you point me to specific file, where the cart total value is counted?

this is not simple. if you do round off. then twist with check out page. so need to fix ““core”” too.

this is not simple.

I have done a lot of research with rounding the order totals and items, as I had to use KD (Kuwaiti Dinar, 3 decimal digits)

You just want to round the customer invoices or you want to change the database value also ?

Changing just the customer invoice will only affect customers and the decimal values will still be in admin orders.