How to replace "{}"s that are not Smarty functions??

Hi all,

This is a very basic question to which I haven’t found an answer anywhere in the forum: How to replace "{}"s that are not part of Smarty??

The point is, we want to track our AdWords conversion, and there’s a “{}” within the javascript causing Smarty to return an error. The code I’m using is below (### stands for our id):



As you can see the line

if (1.0) {
var google_conversion_value = 1.0;

…is not letting the page render properly.

What am I supposed to use? {literal}{/literal}? :confused:


I have placed the whole javascript within a “{literal}{/literal}”.

The page rendered fine and I see everything is where it’s supposed to be while viewing the source.

It only needs to work now :smiley: Will check again after 24 hours…

illusion, that was the correct way to do it. Glad you found the solution.