How to remove "Welcome_to" message on main screen

On version 2.1.x

I can’t remove Welcome Message on main screen.

Full Language code is “welcome_to”

Which tpl file includes this code?

i search nearly all tpl files and can’t find.

Could any one help me?

I mean

“Welcome to CS-Cart demo store” text on

You have to go to:

Design > Blocks > Home page

See the screenshot


[quote name=‘indy0077’]You have to go to:

Design > Blocks > Home page

See the screenshot[/QUOTE]

Thank you…

Explanation for other users.

On central content

There is some block inside it.

Click Welcome block’s edit text.


change wrapper to no one. (seems like --)

do it for Central Block too.

Can someone tell me what the purpose of the “Central Content” block is? It doesn’t seem like you can do anything with it except for turning the wrapper on or off and setting the width. You can’t put html or anything in it.

It is the content generated based on the current controller. I.e. Categories, Products, Home page, etc. So the content of this block is “context sensitive” and is generally filled with data and formatted based on other criteria.

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation