How To Remove This Button

Hi guys, new one for you.

See the screenshot, I want to remove the ALL button

It has no block

And if I remove the line with “ALL” from the code in the “Slider Filters” block, the button removes but all the products are still there.

I don't want the button and i don't want the products from the 4 other blocks (Featured, New, Bestsellers, Sale) amassing under an “ALL” category. There is no need for this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and find a solution or at least somewhere I can start. The Theme developer will not help.

Thanks, as always guys!


please provide temporary FTP access via Personal Messanger and our specialists will check it for you.

best regards,

WSA team


The button has gone, but when the page first loads, it still displays 4 rows of 4 products. I did say I knew how to remove the button but couldn't work how to remove the 4 rows of products.

Only when you click one of the other buttons does a single row of 4 products show.

Thanks again guys!

Please clear the browser cache. It works for me

No you're right, thanks eCom, much appreciated.

You are welcome!