How to remove the Navigation Buttons on the scroller

I tryed everything changing the wrappers but this keeps showing
just like this gone

anyone have a idea how to


Either equalize the amount of products that are displayed in this block with the Item quantity setting of this block:

Or if you wish to completely remove this element from all the scroller blocks in your store, in the design/themes/responsive/templates/common/scroller_init.tpl file, please replace this code:

                navigation: true,
                navigationText: ['{__("prev_page")}', '{__("next")}'],

with this code:

                navigation: false,
                {*navigationText: ['{__("prev_page")}', '{__("next")}'],*}

After that, clear the cache.

It can be hidden with CSS. Please share URL of your store, I will send you the code

hi ok thx
also let me know where i can add it please many thx

As far as I can see, you removed the buttons already

hi yes done it with the TPL


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