How to remove pricing on the main page


How do I remove pricing from the main page, hot items, etc…? Once someone clicks on an item, I want the price of the item to be listed (and when checking out / purchasing), but not anywhere else?

Thanks in advance for your help.


You would have to modify the file:

skins//customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl and make the price conditional upon which controller is current.

Alternatively, you could use a template hook for products:prices_block and rewrite the block using the controller conditions.

The 2nd approach is preferred since it maintains some degree of upgrade independence.

If you could give me a little more details, i would really appreciate it as I am not very familiar with the programming aspect of CS-Cart. Where (in the file) would I go to make this change? How would I make it conditional?

Much thanks in advance if you help me.


You might search for 'price' and review what's there. If you understand it, then you can change it appropriately, otherwise you might have to hire some help to do what you want to do.

I just tested this file (skins//customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl), and it seems to control the products once you click on those from the main page. (IE, when you go into the details of the item and see the description).

Is there another file that contains the pricing information on the main (default) page?

Thanks again in advance for any help that you could provide.