How To Remove Or Amend Data Displayed On Product

We are currently using version 4.11 of CS-Cart.

When selecting a product from either the Homepage or the menu bar, when the product appears on screen it displays data which we would like to either remove or be able to change.

I attached 3 screen shots.

Screen shot 1 - Is the Homepage and highlighted on this page is the product I selected

Screen shot 2 - This is the page displayed after the initial selection. Highlighted is the text i would like to remove or amend.

Screen shot 3 - Is the page where the customer can select the exact product they require.

I have also attached a subset of our import file for the product in the screen shot.

Can anyone advise how to amend this?



Product Selected_LI.jpg

Exact product.png

Import file.png

If you are a semi-developer and are familiar with using cs-cart hooks, you can modify most product data using one of the hooks in the design/themes/responsive/templates/common/product_data.tpl file. If you don't have development skills, then suggest you hire a developer who is familiar with cs-cart and it's quirks.