How to remove link of subscription in My account

Hello, all

I am new to Cs-cart. This is really great shopping cart system.

Happy to know about Cs-cart.

Today I was trying to find how to remove link of subscription in My account.

I could not find of subscription.

Of course I researched in this forum, but I could not see.

I did remove recurring_billing in here


And I could remove download link in My account here


But I can not find how to remove subscription.

Could you give me some advice?

Your help is highly appriciated.

Best Regards:wink:


From Japan

Finally I found the answer in this forum

It was my hint:

[quote name=‘MarjWyatt’]So, if there are not subscriptions on the customer site, wouldn’t an easier method be to disable the recurring billing addon until such time that it is needed? That’s what I did…[/QUOTE]