How to remove/edit product brands and edit default side block settings

Has this question already been asked, does anyone know how to edit/remove product brands line Adidas, Nike, etc? I am using the basic template. Also how do you change the font size of the side block main titles and change background image for the side blocks? Is this in styles.css or styles.base.css in the skins customer folder? Also is it possible to remove the main text for a product filter (for example, just above the product brands links). Also how to remove the number of items showing for products brands? How do you change catalog categories links into the same format (instead of bold black text) as the product brands (ex. Adidas, Nike…)?

If you go to the CS-Cart home page and click on “Resources”, you will find user manuals and a design integration guide, which will be of help to you. Download these as you will probably find you will refer to them often. The design integration guide is where you will find the answers to most of your questions.

Also, on the left of the Resources page, you will see “Knowledge Base”. If you click on this, you will find further information to help you.

You should be able to find the answers to all your questions in these two places.

Good luck.

I reviewed the Knowledge base and it does not mention how to delete the Brands content… Like Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc. Where can I delete these pages? It looks as if I sell these brands. The pages are not listed in the file manager or in the dashboard, however they still appear on my site.

I deleted all demo products, categories, and pages, however these brand pages are still on my site.



There must be an easy way to delete this demo content… Can you please provide more of an explanation instead of just referring ot the knowledge base?

Please check

Products → Features → Brand → Variants