How to remove all admin notification?

How to remove all admin notification ?

Please help

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And are you wanting to disable Notices only (green) or Warnings and Errors too (yellow and red)?

Why eliminate them. You can have them show only briefly if you want via the settings area. But they do indicate when something is done or not and are generally considered helpful.

How do we remove or disable on screen notices? I have already upgraded cs cart to new version but the on screen notices is still there, it won't go away… I have already tried clearing cache browser and cs cart but does not seem to work… Any advice or help would be great?

You can try this one for the admin notification


edit functions/fn.common.php.

At the top of the function add a line of:

if( AREA == 'A') return;

This will prevent ALL admin messages. I would strongly suggest you NOT do this though. They are mostly there for a reason.

Thanks guys… :grin: