How To Refresh Addon Missing Text?

Settings text missing on some addon, how can I refresh this add to recover the text?

You can uninstall/reinstall it (but any accumulated data may be lost). Or you can have 'DEVELOPMENT' defined and then you should see a 'Refresh' option available on the Addon status drop-down.

Browsers on Android devices don't have an auto-refresh function for their browsers. But you can download an app to take care of that shortfall. If you're using Google Chrome, head over to the Play store and search for “auto-refresh.” Choose one from the results and install it on your device. It's as simple as that.


If the requirements of the add-on change after the upgrade, it’s not enough to change addon.xml. To make sure that clients don’t install an upgrade that won’t work with their version, you have two options:
Pass the customer’s CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor version number to your upgrade server and have the server determine whether to offer an upgrade or not.
Add a validator to your upgrade package; have that validator prevent the installation of the upgrade package if the requirements aren’t met.

I think we're talking about 2 different things.. The "Refresh" option will reload language variables and verffy a number of things in addon.xml. I wor't re-reun queries nor will it execute any of the 'install' items. I believe the OP's issue was that some of the settings text (language variables from addon.po file) were missing.