How To Re Open Store After Upgrading To Cs-Cart 4.1.1


I updated from cs-cart 4.0.3 to 4.1.1, then I can not open the store. I can not find the open-store button at the bottom right of the admin panel.

The “Aw” error appear on chrome (known issue).

Then I switch back to cs-cart 4.0.3, but I still can not find how to re open the store again. Please help me. Thank you a lot.

Best regards,

There is no open store button in any of the version 4 releases that I've seen.

To close the store you check “Close storefront” under Settings:General and uncheck it to open the store.

Oh… Thank you a lot, I found it.

Temporary, I quote the code that check the store is closed or not from app/controllers/frontend/init.php

Thank you again.