How To Price Products 3 For A £1, Or 3 For The Price Of 2?

I'd like to set up some products with a promotion of 3 for £1 (usual price 50p each).

The closest I can find is to set up a promotion with a product price bonus of .33 for 3 products (which gives them a total of 99p) - there doesn't seem anywhere to say 3 of something costs £1.

I've looked at product quantity discounts but they also lack a 3 for £1 type option.

Also, with the above method makes all the products 33p once you've bought at least 3 (this is working as the devs intended it seems, but not how I want it to work).

How do I set up a product so a user can by 1 or 2 for 50p each, 3 for £1, 4 for £1.50 (3 for £1 + 1 for 50p).

Similarly, how do I set up a product that's 3 for the price of 2?

Or buy one, get one free?

Is there something in the admin I have missed or an addon which does this - I couldn't seem to find one in the store.

Please try setting a promotion using the Total products in the cart condition and the Order discount /to fixed price/ bonus.

Also, you may check the following addons by our partners: