How to populate top menu with custom links?

Hi Guys,

Is anybody able to help me add custom links to my top menu?

I would like to have links to pages, rather than categories. It only seems to let me fill it with categories.


Go to Design>Menus.

Add a new menu if a top menu doesn't already exist. Then 'Manage Items' - now you can specify Categories and Pages and even Custom Links for the top menu.

Now create a new block in the same grid as your current top menu.

Block Type: Menu

Name: Top Menu (or anything you wish)

Content: Menu: Select the new menu you just created from the list.

Save. Edit the block and set Template to Dropdown Horizontal.

You can now simply disable the existing default categories-only Top Menu and leave your new menu enabled.

Thankyou, I will try this!

This has worked, though I am just getting very simple looking text links. My theme ( has a nice panel with drop down menus. Is this only achievable when using categories?


By the look of the source code for the demo, you need to add 'top-menu' in the 'User-defined CSS class' field for the top menu block.

Edit: Actually it looks like 'top-menu' is applied to the Grid 'User defined CSS class'.

I have tried “top-menu” in both the block and grid css classes, and still not having any luck. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for all your help!

Best to ask Pixemus - as far as I can see your source code for the top menu is the same as the demo.